Why Can't I Lose Weight?



Have you ever tried committing to a diet and exercise program in order to lose weight and you just couldn't stick with it? Or worse, you actually stuck to the program and the weight still didn't come off? This is because the subconscious mind has a script running that says "I'm too heavy," or "I'll never lose weight." Since the subconscious is 88% of the mind, anything programmed in is automatically carried out like an order. So if the idea, "I'll never lose weight," is stuck in the subconscious, the mind says,  ”Okay, lets stay heavy.” You try to eat less and exercise more, but that doesn't match the orders. Instead, the mind starts increasing food cravings, changing emotions to sap energy levels, brings up negative self talk to decrease motivation, and anything else it needs to do in order to carry out the order (never lose weight). Since you‘re only working with 12% of your mind (conscious mind), you'll never beat the subconscious. 

How Can Hypnosis Help?



Hypnosis allows us to go in and remove the negative programs while putting in the desired programs. Now the program reads, "I'm so lean and fit.” And so just as before when the subconscious pulled you towards all the self sabotaging behaviours in order to carry out the orders, now the subconscious pulls you automatically towards the right behaviors, moods, motivation, and anything needed to carry out the new order, (lean and fit). In this way, change that seemed impossible now becomes much more achievable and seemingly effortless.

Our Solution



Hypno-Fit combines hypnotherapy sessions with a customized diet and fitness program, plus personal training sessions, into a 10 week life changing journey. 

With a background in diet consulting and personal training, I first help calculate your diet based off of your lean body mass and tailor it to your fitness goals. Next, I set you up with a fitness program which combines resistance training and cardiovascular exercise, designed to achieve your target weight. I then help you implement the program with one on one personal training sessions. Finally, and most importantly, as a board certified Hypnotherapist, I work with you in weekly hypnosis sessions, helping you remove the negative programs and input the desired ones. With these new empowering programs in the mind, you’ll be pulled automatically tonwards your desired weight. No more backsliding and sabotaging. This 10 week journey will change your body and the results will be PERMANENT!

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