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Have you ever had problems breaking a habit?. Do you have challenges losing weight and sticking to a diet? Have you tried quitting smoking only to fail over and over. Do anxieties or fears get in the way of something you're trying to accomplish or prevent you from getting started altogether? 

Don't beat yourself up. This is not due to a lack of discipline or because you're no good. The problem is locked in the subconscious mind. Since birth you've been influenced by people, your environment, your experiences, etc... All of these message units have entered into your subconscious and your mind has made both positive and negative associations that now run like automatic programming. You try to change the programming, but once its locked in its hard to undo consciously.

See, your mind's primary job is to keep you alive. In order to do so, it sticks with the programming its built since birth because this has kept you alive until this point. It is what's KNOWN. To try and put something knew into the subconscious would be UNKNOWN and therefore perceived as a threat. Your subconscious will do everything it can to prevent this from happening. This is why it can be so difficult to make change.

I'm a certified hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapists help people access the subconscious mind directly, target the old programming which is causing problems, remove it, and put in the new desired programming. You'll finally get over those fears and anxieties, quit smoking, lose weight, etc.... Once the old programming is gone and the new programming is installed, change will seem easy and results will follow.



Certified Hypnotherapist 

Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practioner 

I'm addicted to seeing the change my clients make by tapping into the potential of their mind. This is why I became a hypnotherapist. As a former professional athlete, former personal trainer, and nutritional supplement designer, my specialty is in weight loss hypnosis, pain management, and sports performance. However,  my skills also include smoking, success blocks, limiting beliefs, fears, phobias, anxieties, addictions, PTSD, trauma, insomnia, and much more.  

Additionally, having great respect for the sacrifices our war veterans make, and holding advanced certifications in hypnosis for PTSD and trauma, I offer free hypnosis sessions for all military veterans with a service connected disability, or any veteran having a tough time transitioning back into civilian life.

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You can email us at brian@brianshypnosis.com to find out more about how we can help. You can also call today (860-315-2227) for a free phone consultation and we can begin turning your desired changes into reality!


I wanted to give a shout out about my experience regarding the work that I’ve done with  Brian Szpyrka He’s worked with me for a few months leading hypnotherapy sessions. I have had tremendous results as a result of my work in these sessions


We started with going back to early childhood trauma. I believe this trauma had subconsciously had me choose situations in my life that reaffirmed certain negative beliefs, that I was vulnerable and unprotected. Of course, as a toddler, this was true. As an adult, in this work, I re-wired these beliefs.

It’s a amazing how powerful the subconscious mind can be. An experience can cause us to believe something is true, therefore we spend the rest of our lives choosing the experiences that prove that to be true. Entering into a deep meditative state, alpha brainwave state, opens the bridge to the subconscious mind where powerful changes can be made. Only here can we change our deep seeded beliefs. In my opinion, there is no conscious therapy that can change these subconscious beliefs. There is no amount of time in traditional psychotherapy or chatting with loved ones that can change subconscious beliefs.

The law of attraction only works when our subconscious mind believes the things in life that we are putting out to the universe. We can say affirmations all day long and look at pictures of things that we would like to manifest. But if our subconscious mind does not buy into an aspect of these visions, we will continue to choose things that get in our way. Whatever our subconscious believes, then we call in all the things around us that prove this to be true. If we believe the world is conspiring against us, then we call those experiences in that prove this. Conversely, if we believe the world to be conspiring for us, then we call in experiences to prove this. We often carry the choices out with no conscious awareness, which is why it is so important to shift in a subconscious way.

Our thoughts are everything, as they lead us to our actions. Our thoughts on a subconscious level are the most important, as they lead us to the conscious thoughts that then send us into action. Until we are able to change the subconscious beliefs that hold us back, we are limited to what we were programmed with, often times from early childhood. It has felt really incredible to go back in time and switch up some of my beliefs that have held me back my entire life. Thank God! Whew! My experiences immediately shifted after doing this work.

I have worked on business concepts during my hypnotherapy sessions. I immediately began to manifest in new ways in this area. It’s almost ridiculous how easy things can be after doing this work on a subconscious level!

I’ve worked on my personal relationships. This has been incredible. We co-create every experience in every relationship. I am enjoying creating the best experiences ever. I am re-learning, through the re-programming my subconscious thoughts, how my interactions with others can be experienced at their highest potential. I’m continuing to learn through my own re-programming. It’s amazing how powerful it is to also understand the positive impact we can have not only on our relationships, but on others as well.

What a fun playground I have. Thank you to Brian. whom is helping guide me through this journey. I am very grateful.

Anyone interested in this kind of self-improvement, I invite to check out Brian’s site brianshypnosis.com

~ Debbie Kearns-Kleven

Hi there.  I’m a young woman from Nevada that has suffered from manic anxiety and depression almost her whole life.  I’ve had a lot of trauma and abuse that I’ve been trying to learn how to heal from and in the past year, I started searching for natural and cognitive therapy treatment options.  

Luckily for me, I happened to stumble across Brian’s hypnotherapy services.  We started doing weekly sessions and continued for a good eight weeks.  Eight weeks later, I can say I feel more calm, collected, and proactive in my life.  I feel like Brian was very patient, compassionate, understanding, and professional.  He really became somebody that feels more like a friend that wants to see me thriving versus my hypnotherapist.    

Reprogramming your subconscious mind is such an imperative part of healing and hypnotherapy allows for that to easily occur.  I am already feeling profound changes after just a few short weeks; I would highly encourage folks to seek out his services and try him out for yourself!  God Bless.

~ Anna M.


Here I demonstrate my primary hypnosis induction - Arm Raising


Here I demonstrate a hypnosis deepening technique - Arm Rigidity

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